Cannabis Social Equity Investment
Fund Search Tool

Cannabis Social Equity Investment Fund Search Tool

DASNY and the Office of Cannabis Management have established a process for CAURD licensees to receive a preliminary proximity assessment of a potential retail dispensary location. Licensees can use the Search Tool below to search a known address. A preliminary proximity assessment will be emailed to you for your records and a list of your previous searches will be located in your previous searches list.

Please note that your previously searched locations and the associated eligibility determinations will only be visible to you.

This tool does not replace the Office of Cannabis Management’s (the Office) location survey. All locations must be submitted to the Office through the Office’s location survey, linked below, to receive location approval.

Please be advised that the information provided by the licensee for this tool that is not otherwise publicly available will not be disclosed to third parties, except as required by law. Such information will only be used for its intended purpose: to assess potential proximity conflicts with a Fund location or other locations for which OCM has granted proximity protection.

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CAURD Licensee Potential Location Search Tools

Research an address

Look up an address to check if it is too close to an existing retail dispensary location.

Previous Searches

All your previous searches are saved along with the assessment associated with them.

OCM Location Survey

Please submit a proposed location the Office of Cannabis Management using the OCM Location Survey.

Current Regulations and Guidance

Review the regulations and guidance associated with opening a retail dispensary in New York State:

CAURD Regulations
CAURD Location FAQ
CAURD Guidance