Our online portal allows us to connect with our partners to better serve them in a quick and efficient way. We’ve improved our
process and taken hold of technology so we can better serve our partners and our community.

Using the Portal is safe and secure. We look forward to building a new relationships while we continue to support those we already have. 

Partner with Us

Use the areas below to work with us to quickly and efficiently build a lasting relationship. The Vendor Portal is your go-to for all things related to your relationship with us including setting up ACH Payments, RFP & RFI Submissions and so much more. The future of New York starts with you.

Let's Work Together to Build a Better New York

ACH Payments

You can safely and securely sign up to receive ACH payments for all your projects.

RFP/RFI Submissions

You can start or build on an existing relationship with us by submitting a proposal to an active RFP.

Frequently Asked Questions

Check out the FAQ page to learn how to easily interact with the Portal.

Find out more about us

If you are looking for additional opportunities or more
information about DASNY, visit us at DASNY.org.

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